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The Office of the Inspector General is comprised of the Independent Procurement Review Division and the Compliance Division.


The Compliance Division works to identify and eliminate corruption, safeguard city resources, and enhance public trust in city government by espousing adherence to laws, rules, and regulations. 

Led by the Inspector General, the Compliance Division serves as the watchdog for government operations, ensuring integrity and accountability in the performance of municipal functions.  The Compliance Division investigates allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse; educates City employees, elected officials, board members and staff regarding corruption hazards; recommends measures to address vulnerabilities; and holds accountable those found to have engaged in misconduct.


The Independent Procurement Review Division works to improve transparency and accountability in the city’s procurement process. 

Led by the Inspector General, the Independent Procurement Review Division develops and executes detailed procedures and testing methods to identify areas of concern in City solicitations.  The division reviews procurement records of solicitations with an aggregate value of $1 million or more and provides its assessment to the City Department of Procurement, thus facilitating corrective action before the City Council considers legislation to approve contracts.  Before the Office of the Inspector General was established, the Independent Procurement Review team functioned within the City Auditor’s Office. 


Access reports published by the IPRO Division here.

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